Jiang Wei,the Secretary-General and Shanghai entrepreneurs of the QUANJINGLIAN went to K&G Shanghai Headquarters for

2019-01-22 18:12:16 182

       On the afternoon of January 17th, QUANJINGLIAN secretary-general Jiang Weixie and QUANJINGLIAN Shanghai entrepreneurs visited K&G headquarters in Shanghai for a discussion and exchange. More than a dozen enterprises, including Wei Ping, chairman of zhongbang group, Chen Sheng, executive director of China real estate data research institute, and Zhang Jian, President of Shanghai ruishi investment co., LTD, participated in an in-depth exchange of views on how to carry out urban renewal and business transformation with innovative models and effective approaches under the current real estate situation, as well as the collaborative development in QUANJINGLIAN ecology.

       Communication meeting, Denny K&G President Mr Tam guests a line of people, a warm welcome to visit, and emphatically introduces the K&G create a detailed digital urban management in the field of urban renewal resource system part (city) and China's urban renewal and urban development investment operation system (urban transfusion tube), make a delegation can fully understand KaiHui gould's core business and strategic layout, he also regarding the cooperation ideas with visiting members of the exchange.
       Fine data urban management resource system (the outer brain of the city) is to integrate the data, capital, industry, think tank, operation institution, science and technology, talent and other resources needed for urban renewal to build a community of values and interests. To provide a whole system of consulting, capital, resource introduction and urban operation monitoring services for the city, so as to create an excellent urban template for "digital, systematic and ecological" urban renewal and urban operation.

       Urban renewal and urban development investment operation system (urban transfusion tube) is to point to by urban renewal research decision, to help local governments to determine the optimal industry transformation and urban renewal requirements, establishing urban renewal funds financial platform and industry incubators, import and urban industry and the high quality operating ability of various types of operations, optimize the environment of the city have been bred.

       Denny Tam said that in 2018, kahui gaode has connected with 12 local governments. Based on the recognition of K&G's value concept and professionalism, two district governments in longhu district of shantou city and yanta district of xi 'an city have reached cooperation with K&G in urban renewal. More than 300 enterprises and projects have been connected with each other, among which 36 have reached close cooperation. In the first year, we have made solid progress. In the future, K&G will continue to seek for cooperation with enterprises that are interested in deeply exploring the existing real estate to build an ecological platform for urban existing real estate, and concentrate the power of urban renewal agencies to promote urban renewal in a coordinated way.
       Since everyone thinks that urban renewal is the general trend and QUANJINGLIAN is a huge industrial entrance, how can we develop in a coordinated way in QUANJINGLIAN ecology?
       In response, QUANJINGLIAN Shanghai institute of happiness industry dean Denny Tam said, in 2019, we will integrate better resources, gradually absorb innovative entrepreneurs to join Shanghai institute of happiness industry, through incubation camp, sharing sessions, seminars, innovation salon and other forms, share innovation cases, and jointly improve innovative thinking. In the field of urban renewal, we regularly organize innovation exchanges and investigations at home and abroad, open to the members of the association and potential members who are interested in joining the association. Walking and watching together, a good innovation project will surely bring us great ideological inspiration.

       During the exchange, we had a broad discussion and outlook on the vision of urban renewal, and highly recognized K&G's concept of creating value for the city with the operation thinking. We look forward to mutual support and achievements to build an "android system" in the field of urban renewal and jointly promote the construction of a beautiful city.