Denny Tam, the president of K&G, won the ‘China Real Estate Innovative People Award’ of China Real Estate

2019-01-23 16:38:43 156

       On January 20, 2019, the "industry-city integration and innovation summit & the 5th China real estate huabao awards ceremony" was held in Beijing. At the 5th China real estate huabao awards ceremony, K&G President Denny Tam won the "China real estate innovation figure" award. China real estate huabiao award is one of the highest honors in China's real estate industry.

       Denny Mr Tam incumbent President K&G, Chinese cities scientific research updates, deputy director of professional committee members, all the city, deputy director of the update, all the coupon K&G urban renewal incubator President, complete linkage real estate chamber of commerce of urban renewal and existing buildings transformation, standing director of China's real estate managers' union.
       Mr. Denny Tam founded K&G at the end of 2017. He first put forward the "PIMRIM" urban operation concept and formulated the strategy of city value promotion from multiple dimensions. With years of experience in the industry, he has a keen insight in urban renewal and a strong ability to integrate resources. Committed to building K&G urban renewal platform, standing in the height of the overall development of the city, the implementation of comprehensive urban renewal strategy including the public environment. Therefore, Mr. Denny Tam was highly recognized by the judges during the selection of the "China real estate innovation figure" huabao award.

       China real estate huabei award is one of the highest honors in China's real estate industry, known as the "Oscar" of China's real estate industry. As one of the most influential communication platforms in the industry, it is held in January every year and is committed to building a top-level platform for industry dialogue, integration, communication, cooperation and financing to promote industry transformation and development. By the end of 2018, China real estate huabiao awards has successfully held four annual events, with a total of about 5,000 participants and more than 3,000 enterprises participating. It is preliminarily estimated that the m&a capital of various projects at home and abroad generated through China real estate huabiao awards has reached hundreds of billions.
       Chinese real estate industry association honorary vice-presidents MiaoLeRu, remit fund chairman, zhong group director meng, contemporary home buyers, executive director and CEO zhang peng, new gulls peng education industry group President Li Zhanhong, xinhua's independent directors vice chairman Fan Xiaochong zhen-hua wu, sunshine 100, wanda group company general manager wang xiao and so on more than 300 nanjing city real estate business elite, hundred industry leading, enterprise boss, academics and media representatives to attend the ceremony.
       At the conference, Mr. Denny Tam was also appointed as "executive director of China real estate finance industry alliance".

       The theme of the China real estate huabiao award is the integration of industry and city. The most important point of the integration of industry and city is to think highly of the city and make urban products instead of single project products. Industrial and urban integration, innovative development, the realization of talent, industry, capital concentration, enabling the city content iteration. K&G will take advantage of its platform to promote urban renewal.