Ji nan station of China stock real estate initiative summit held successfully

2019-04-01 17:55:20 156

        China's real estate has entered the era of stock, from the initial development competition to operation and capital competition. On March 28, 2019, the "whole economy happiness industry BBS & China stock real estate opportunity summit" jointly held by K&G and National Real Estate Managers Association(NREMA) & DNDT was successfully held in Jinan Ramada hotel.

       Guests at the conference include former housing and construction commission of Shandong province, shandong province housing and real estate research institute President Wang Xiaoyu,executive secretary of NREMA and vice President of NREMA  happiness industry Hujun,executive director of NREMA urban renewal committee and chairman of DNDT, Qin jiancong,urban renewal commission of NREMA,president of K&G ,Kenny tam,deputy director of NREMA smart community committee, chairman of Beijing Mijia Youpin,Tang min and other leaders.The conference attracted more than 300 guests from all over the country to attend, looking forward to the new era of stock real estate and discussing the new future together!

     Former housing and construction commission of Shandong province, shandong province housing and real estate research institute President Wang Xiaoyu delivered a speech

Urban renewal commission of NREMA,president of K&G ,Kenny Tam delivered a speech Urban strategy for urban renewal

       In the second half of the summit, sharing guests made wonderful keynote speeches on opportunities of stock transformation, brand to enhance the value of stock assets, urban life upgrade and long-term rental apartment, combination of European lifestyle and China's stock real estate, how to leverage stock assets through capital and other contents.

       President of K&G talk about letter as dialogue, and FANH director deputy general manager han huan-huan , partner of racing capital Xuyong , Beijing SinReits capital chairman Wang Zhenyu,Legend industrial services group chairman ShengLi, Shuimu  open space consultant cooperation general manager Li Zheng,with the theme "How to leverage stock assets through capital?" on the summit dialogue.

Round table dialogue scene

       In the context of the whole real estate industry in China changing from "incremental era" to "inventory era", the operation, trading, leasing and financialization of inventory assets will be the most noteworthy big market in the second half of the real estate industry in China.

Kenny Tam, President of K&G, said: making full use of existing assets is the integration and superposition of effective resources of projects, space, capital, operation and industry. Therefore, it is necessary to deeply develop local enterprise resources in order to precisely connect high-quality existing projects with national capital institutions, operating institutions and industries and create benefits.

       The urban partner model meets the needs of developers and the sales agent transformation and upgrading.We found that the city partner is familiar with the local government, has local government relations resources, stock project resources, and is familiar with the local real estate market;K&G gathers financial resources, operator resources, industrial enterprise resources and commercial brand resources of the whole country. As a resource docking platform for urban renewal, we give local real estate enterprises the ability and energy through the model of urban partnership, and help local governments to promote urban renewal and the rebirth of the value of existing assets.

       It is worth mentioning that, at the meeting, President Kenny Tam of K&G officially disclosed for the first time "K&G inventory real estate city partner recruitment plan". We hope to combine the local advantages of urban partners with the capital operation advantages behind K&G, so as to enable the second and third-tier real estate related enterprises and promote the rebirth of the value of local stock real estate. At the scene, we received the registration of 18 partners from Shandong and Hebei regional cities.

At the same time, the signing ceremony of the first batch of existing real estate "urban partners" of K&G was also successfully held.

Signing ceremony of K&G and its Beijing partner 

Signing ceremony of K&G and its Zhengzhou partner 

Signing ceremony of K&G and its Zhongshan partner 

   United retail asset management center general manager Li Zhibin said:Has experienced nearly 20 years development, the commercialization of the our country commercial stock up to 18.9 billion square meters, the stock of commercial property sector is experiencing a great integration of fragmentation, scattered in the field of all kinds of main body and various commercial, it is necessary to rediscover and integrating the value of the property in the process, will be born giant resources integrated platform company, worth investors to focus on.

        As one of the leading brands in the field of apartment asset-light operation, Liu Haiwen, general manager of WOWQU investment and finance department, reveals the logic of truly scientific improvement of apartment operation income by sharing WOWQU's unique full-chain operation management system and classic cases.

       Ms. Wang yue, general manager of investment and development of Hampton by Hilton (China) northern region, Shared the rapid development of Hampton by Hiltons brand in China, introduced the brand background and its excellent performance in the Chinese market, and also emphasized the specialty and advantage of Hampton by Hilton brand standard and its adherence to quality. At the same time, she illustrated the advantages of the brand in enabling inventory property by taking the projects of Hampton by Hilton hotel in liaocheng and guangzhou Canton CBD  as examples.

       China's hotel market is not short of high-end brands, but the lack of tonality and brand appeal of the hotel products. Zhou Shaobin , vice President of greater China operations of the Maison Albar Hotel, shares his experiences in the management of lifestyle boutique hotels and the combination of global brand effect and stock real estate.

   United retail asset, Hampton by Hilton ,WowQu and Best house are all operating agencies in the investment and operation system of the existing real estate of K&G,  are important strategic operation partners of K&G.

       The stock market attaches more importance to the ability of managers in operation and service. As the first professional resource integration platform company in the stock field in China, K&G cordials the new vitality and value of the stock property through its professional upgrading and transformation, refined operation and transaction closed loop, To make the city better!